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Gauging the pulse of the fans

With the offseason about to get into a full swing, frenzied cycle of news as the combine, draft and free agency approach, I thought this might be a good time to involve the masses and see how you want Buc 'Em to be driven. As we've stated many times in the past and will do so again in the future, our site is your site. We write, we research, and we opine on all Bucs relevant news, but the most important part of our site is the community. Without you, we go from modern day blog to old style newspaper with no interaction. And in today's society, the interaction is what makes this style of blog work.

While we strive to bring you not only the must up to date news, but original content, we realize that as in every other walk of life, we can continue to do better. And rather than those of us on staff making arbitrary decisions that we feel reflect the needs and wants of our readers, I thought it would be best to have an open forum of sorts and allow you, the reader/commenter, to tell us what you want.

This can range from more discussion of players, to more draft coverage, more statistical pieces, more interactive content, additional contests, a desire to see some roundtable discussion, or anything else you can think of at this time. I do want to say that while we will take all of your suggestions and discuss them, we may not be able to follow through on every single idea. Don't take offense to this as it merely is a product of where we are. The hope is that this brings in heavy feedback so for us to promise that we can implement every single idea is simply not realistic.

Keep in mind that this is for all year round, not just the offseason. So while we welcome specific ideas like "Give us info on how Julius Peppers may fit in with the Bucs", we are also looking for more general ideas that we can put into place year round. The goal is to make Buc 'Em not only the premiere destination for all Bucs news, but to make this a place that you want to visit. We want this place to be an online home of sorts where we can discuss Bucs news, share opinions and research, and have a good time doing just that. The best sites that I have been a part of in the past were not centered on those that brought the content, but based on the community, the interaction, the humor, and open forum environment. Of course, as with any place, we still have guidelines to follow, but our goal is simply to involve and engage each of you.

As I close this out, I encourage you to not only leave your comments below on what you would like to see on Buc 'Em, but to let us know how you think we are doing. If you have criticism, bring it on, just do it tactfully (i.e. no name calling, slurs etc). If you have praise, we'll take that too. This is your opportunity to tell us not only how we are doing, but what you want to see.

I have to give credit where credit is due. DRaysBay and Lookout Landing have used this type of forum to better their site, and like anybody with a pulse, I am taking a good idea and running with it. I'd like to extend a thanks to both sites for the idea and the desire to make each site a better place in their own right.