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Video of the Day- Incredible around end TD run for 1979 5-0 Bucs

It was something else, the Bucs who were the Butt of jokes for 3 years all of a sudden were playing like the real deal! They beat three easy teams at first, but then they beat the LA Rams who played in several NFC Championship games in the 70's. The 21-6 win over the Rams wasnt as close as the score would indicate.

The Bucs had a good defense since 1977, but the offense was terrible.

Doug Williams wasnt the only addition that made a difference. Adding Tailback Jerry Eckwood gave the defense  another back to worry about besides Ricky Bell.                            

Here he shows why, as he takes the ball down the sideline, never stepping out of bounds though he sure looked like he was!  The Bucs would go on to be the only undefeated team at 5-0 after winning this game on a 4th Qtr TD pass from Doug Williams.

Eckwood finished the season second to Bell in rushing, but had good games vs the Bears for several more seasons before injuries ended his career prematurely in 1982. Eckwood was a product of the Arkansas Razorbacks.      

            NOTE: Check out the announcer at the beginning who says "This is the result of two good rush defenses"...oops.