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NFL Draft is most anticipated offseason event according to Buc 'Em

I opened up a poll a few weeks back to ask which offseason event Buccaneers fans most anticipated.  Hit the jump to see the results.

Featured Poll

What part of the off season are you most excited about?
Scouting Combine
4 votes
NFL Draft
92 votes
Free Agency
7 votes
Player releases, trades, other
11 votes

114 votes

In a convincing victory, the NFL draft received 80% of the votes.  Trades came in second, followed by Free Agency and bringing up the tail end was the combine. 

This doesn't come as a surprise as the draft is one of the most anticipated and discussed events of the NFL year.  Who a team will take, how it fits into their plan, and what it means for the future are items discussed ad nauseum.

Here at Buc 'Em, we'll be the home for all your draft needs.  With player profiles, team needs, mock drafts and more, be sure to stop back frequently as we bring you the most up to date information on the 2010 draft as it relates to the Bucs.