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#24 Part Two: Top 25 All time games- 1989 Bears at Bucs


The Bucs came out you can see from the video below, Vinny Testeverde had a spectacular day, going 22 of 36 for 269 yards and 3 TDs,  and Mark Carrier and Bruce Hill both went over 100 yards! The Bucs jumped out on the Bears 21-0 in mostly the first qtr of work.  A brilliant case of being alert on the first TD, as you can see, One receiver was slightly overthrown it appeared, but there was Carrier behind him alone for the easy TD.  After A Willam Howard TD dive, the Bucs got the ball back on a turnover and scored again just into the 2nd quarter.

After Neil Anderson got the Bears on the board, the Bucs scored again. Chicago scored Touchdowns on opposite sides of the Half time break, but the Bucs answered with two more TDs of their own, the last a Lars Tate run outside shown at the end of the video.

With two back to back scores by Jim Harbaugh, the Bears lined up for the onside kick attempt. Instead of telling you what happens, why not check it out for yourself! 

Why was this game so special? Simple, it was one of the few times in the 14 years of losing that the Bucs looked like they were turning the corner. 1989 started out strongly for Head Coach Ray Perkins, and the Bucs, but they faded down the stretch, and it eventually cost Perkins his job. 

The Bucs would beat the Bears again in Chicago in 1989, a SWEEP of the Bears for the first time ever. For Chicago, a fan actually sued the Bears in court on TV's LA Law. Evidence was actually presented, that " The Bears even lost TWICE to TAMPA BAY"!!