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Editorial- "Who Dat"? Dat is the strong arm of the NFL flexing its unwavering muscle.

As long as there isnt a fleur-de-lis on the shirt, this is ok according to NFL standards outlined Monday.
As long as there isnt a fleur-de-lis on the shirt, this is ok according to NFL standards outlined Monday.

It has been said the internet was built for two reasons. Star Trek and Porn. True enough, as both were plentiful on the internet in its infancy, but unlike the later, you really got in trouble when you put up some Star Trek. Paramount (main owner of Trek rights at the time) would clamp down on ANYONE who put up Star Trek photos, video clips (not that many in the early days of the net due to its lack of power) and more frequently, sound bites. It was a gimme when you found a cool wav of Kirk, Spock or Picard, that it would be gone faster than Data's emotion chip. 

Then common sense overcame the Paramount bigwigs: the more Star Trek stuff out there on the internet, the more exposure the sci-fi show got, and more publicity, etc. It was free advertising, and in no time, Paramount let up on its strict policy, and Trekie fan sites popped up everywhere. 

The NFL could use a little history lesson. No, they really dont need any extra press or advertising; the NFL is in its glory as one of the highest grossing sports. But they are getting publicity in the bad way, with their flexing of muscle over New Orleans Saints fans and more specifically, T-shirt makers using the "Who Dat" slogan well known since the 80's is Saint country.

No one should expect a corporation to stand by while copyright infringement is occurring right below their noses, but an 8 billion dollar entity bullying the little guy is another thing all together. 

In my first Bucs website I worked on, I received a 3 page cease and desist letter that pointed out supposed violations I never would have imagined to be wrong. Just the word BUC in the name was taboo according to the letter, using the NFL helmets next to names of the teams, photos of players, all caused "irreparable damage" to the me! Yes, I can see the difference this year to be honest. Maybe thats why some veterans cant get good health coverage. 

Have you seen a good video on YouTube with your favorite NFL player in it? Better find a way to download it, because it wont be on there long. The YouTube policy is complete removal of material if the NFL simply asks for it.

Getting proper permission to do so isnt all that hard, But expecting a 15 year old who is trying to make something cool to show off his favorite team shouldnt be expected to have to learn it . At that age, a kid should be a future fan in the making, instead of a future litigate.