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We've heard from Dominik, now what's your call

We're just about getting going with our draft coverage and Craig T has already covered quite a bit of info. He's covered the consensus #1 pick in Suh, he's covered the other top regarded DT McCoy, and he's run us through what is being said around the interwebz in regards to the draft. And don't worry, he's got more on the way.

But now, lets turn to what Mark Dominik has said and see how it fits with our vision of the team. You can find the full article from PFT here, but lets look at some quotes. Note that these are quotes from the story, not Dominik as I'm sure some paraphrasing was done.

G.M. Mark Dominik told Steve Duemig of WDAE radio on Monday that the team is prepared to trade up in the draft.

This should make some people happy, as they've been barking for the Bucs to do what it takes for Suh or McCoy.

An actual quote from Dom.

We have the ability to go either direction. We’ll prepare to go either direction, which is a good option for Tampa Bay.

Well, he acknowledged the chance to move down, which again, people have been clamoring for. On a team with several holes at various positions, accumulating draft picks may not be a bad idea. Of course, how well we draft will play a part on that (Shameless promo: Buc 'Em will be looking at and evaluating past draft classes to give us an idea of what we can expect in 2010).

The third option is, well, to stand pat at #3. We know we would be guaranteed one of the three of McCoy, Suh and Berry, which may not be a bad place to be in this year's draft.

The Bucs are presumably in the driver's seat with the ability and picks to move up in the draft, a target they like at #3 or the chance to secure more picks and fill holes on the team.

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