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Announcing 2010 Weekly offseason Video feature; 25 Best Bucs games of all time!

Starting today at noon, we will start one of our most ambitious video features; a 15 minute recap, video highlight movie of the best 25 games of all time.

So you say, "How did you come up with the games"? Well a month or so ago, I started a fanpost asking for opinions, so that is one way I came up with the list. Keeping in mind this site  tends to have a younger audience, I tried to come up with a list that was not MY top 25 which would have been more Orange than Pewter, but instead created a countdown that takes many things into account, dramatic comebacks, high scoring, undecided with only a few minutes to go in the contest.

The result is a list with 11 games in orange, only two of which are from the early Bucs mini dynasty. Six of the games are playoff encounters, (arnt those supposed to be the best?) and five of the great quarter are not even games the Bucs beat their opponents. All 5 of the top 5 are Pewter games, while the lower 5 (25-21) are made up of only 1 Pewter Bucs game.

If you love Quarterbacks, youll see some great ones (Joe Montana) once or some good ones (Brad Johnson) on two different teams! There are come-from -behinds, and there are big leads squandered (twice!).

In all, there are 25 games from 1979 to 2005 that I feel are sure to entertain, educate, and just thrill you each Sunday while we miss our Bucs and wait for news on how the 2010 Bucs are being put together. Each game video will run about 15 minutes of total video time, enough to make you feel like you watched the whole game!

See you at noon for the next 25 Sundays, and when we are done, the very next weekend will be Bucs preseason game #1!  What better way to get us through the offseason!

I hope you enjoy!