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Niko's Bio!

My name is Nick Houllis, I go by Niko on here which is Greek for Nick, as my parents were both Greek. I was born in the Chicago area, but my family moved down here when I was 4 years old, so this is all I remember.
I first became a Bucs fan in 1979, when after hanging out over my neighbors house, they had the Bucs at Colts week 2 game on, and we started watching the game when it went into overtime. They said the Bucs actually won the first game. When the Bucs kicked the FG and won in overtime, the announcer said "The Bucs are undefeated" and I was hooked from there.
I Graduated Tarpon High in 1983, Tampa Technical Institute in 1985, and St. Petersburg Jr. College in 1991. I currently work as a restaurant manager for my friends two gyro restaurants (with a name like Niko? what else)!  I enjoy playing guitar, recording music, working with videos, and anything involving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.