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Hello, My name is Sai (Yes, you can refer to me as such from now on)- It kind of rhymes with my Username. I was born in India and have stayed there for about 9 years. I moved to the U.S. in 2003. I believe I might be the youngest member of this crew. I am 16 y/o and studying somewhere in Hillsborough County- (*Hint* I recently met Charlie Crist and his wife and shook hands with him). I hope to become a neurosurgeon one day.

I became a Bucs fan in around 2005, when i first moved to Orlando. I really didn't know much about American Football till i moved here, I became pretty smart at around 2007. When, i first started watching a lot. Since, the bucs were on T.V. a lot, i converted and became a Buc fan. I am glad to say, I am going to stay true to the Bucs forever.

I really enjoy watching Baseball (Rays) and Football with the occasional NBA (Magic) mixed in. I love playing video games and being lazy. I especially enjoy the Need for speed and Grand theft auto series. I love listening to most kinds of music except Country and Jazz.


P.S- I might change my username sometime in the future