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The Good, The Bad, and "The" Buc Wild

Buc 'Em tends to be a bit different than most Bucs publications.  Sure we post stories, do research, and share our opinions on the Bucs, but what separates us from everyone else is the interaction with the community.  And since we want interaction between the staff and the readers, I thought I'd tell everyone a few details on myself how I became a Bucs fan and how I came to Buc 'Em. 

I grew up in the Tampa Bay area with a family that had strong ties to the area.  Being a local family, we rooted for the local team.  My grandparents had season tickets way back when in the "Old Sombrero" and I was lucky enough to attend a few games and sit on those awful metal bleachers.  And though we were lovable losers (were we even lovable back then?), my fascination with football had begun.  I was hooked for life. 

I'm a huge FSU fan, as well as Bucs fan, which means I've been lucky enough to see guys like Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn play most, if not their entire career with my favorite team.  I've been fortunate enough to have season tickets the last few years and see both the good years and bad years from a pretty good vantage point.

Sports has always been a pretty big passion of mine, and there are times that I fancy myself a writer, so writing about the Bucs seemed like a good match.  As most of you may have noticed, I tend to drift towards the analytical side of the game.  The stories that stats and research can tell are valuable tools I've found in both my everyday job (sorry, no details there) as well as sports.  I'm a football (and sports) junkie that tries to stay up to speed on everything from recent games, to the CBA, to past trends. 

After joining Buc 'Em in May of 2009, a vacancy opened up on the staff.  I decided to give it a go and join the crew.  For awhile, it was just me on the masthead, but soon Niko came onboard, followed by UNFNole, Craig, Paul, Dave, and Sai.  All in all, a great crew who can do anything from drop some number knowledge on you, get your primed for free agency, prep you for the draft, give you some Bucs memories, dissect a play via video, leave you in stitches laughing, navigate the interwebz to bring you a caption contest and stay on top of all the Bucs news.  Seems these guys got it all covered.

Lastly, a thanks to you, the readers.  Sure, this bio is supposed to be about me, but without you on the other side of the screen to read my/our articles, Buc 'Em wouldn't be around.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to write on a regular basis and to get the comments and feedback from the community.