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Leadership and Momentum- a real winning combination

If you lose it early enough, there is time to recover. Everyone who watched the Super Bowl saw Peyton Manning sitting on the bench for almost the entire 2nd quarter, only to sit back down after the Saints recovered an onside kick, and took the momentum in the 3rd quarter. Of course, Drew Brees was recognized for his efforts.

While this is an old-timers video, perhaps no Bucs game in history saw such a momentum change as the 1981 game in Oakland against the Raiders.

The Raiders came into the game with nothing to speak of. They were the Super Bowl champs, but were playing like chumps. They had been shut out for three games in a row! They scored the first 3 points, then took a safety. they were dominating the game in such fashion, that the Bucs did not even get a first down in the first half. Yet Tampa Bay only trailed by 15 points at the intermission. 

The Bucs came out in the 3rd quarter and picked up right where they left off. It was midway through the 3rd quarter, and Tampa Bay had not so much as one single first down.

Then, Doug Williams caught fire. He was never one to throw for a high completion percentage, but Williams had a canon for an arm, and was a born leader. From 1976 through 1983, The Bucs started 50 games without Doug Williams as Quarterback. They won only 5 of them.

If Josh Freeman is going to be a part of the turn around here in Tampa Bay, he is going to have to show his team, and himself as well as his coaches, that he is a natural leader.

The Game is called by the immortal team of Madden & Summerall...enjoy.