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Coming this Saturday- Get to know your Buc' crew!

This Saturday, from 8AM until 2PM, each hour you will be treated to a post from each member of BucEm's staff, with their own personal bio! You read our stuff, now you will get a chance to look inside each writer, or at least as far as each will let you!!

The 2009 Football season is officially over, and we are looking forward to providing you with the absolute BEST content this 2010 season! With BucWild all over every angle on the NFL and Bucs situations, Paul's in depth look at Free Agency that he is Syncing up with SB Nation with, and Craig T's Draft knowledge, there isnt an angle we dont have covered.

With light hearted looks at life from BucsFanDave, and the best photos youll ever put a capture too by LeeCaz, you will know your at the right place for your Bucs Coverage. 

And we will keep this Bucs universe in touch with others with Sai's help (thats that other guy,  well, you'll see Saturday who I'm talking about), and I will keep you in touch with your Bucs memories all summer long, with highlight films of the 25 best Bucs games of all time!

So Don't miss our Bio's this Saturday from 8AM to 2PM! 

Get to know us!!