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Sprint Game Ball of the Week, Part Deux: LeGarrette Blount

.....and for the other game ball, which could go a large number of ways (K2, Frank Okam, Michael Bennett, Mike Williams, Raheem Morris, etc etc etc), I'm gonna go with LeGarrette Blount.  Blount tore through the Seattle defense like a hot knife through butter.  His 164 yards on 19 carries were a career high, and his leap over safety Lawyer Milloy made the #1 top play on Sportscenter this week.  He flashed the speed, agility, and power that have made him so effective for the Buccaneers this year.

Blount now has 941 rushing yards on the season and, barring a collapse in the Superdome, should break the 1000-yard barrier despite missing several games this season.  He's rushed for four 100+ yard games this season.  He's the leading rookie rusher in the NFL and, together with Mike Williams, will likely make the Buccaneers the first team since the 1968 Bengals to have the leading rookie rusher and receiver on the same team. 

There really isn't much doubt in my mind, nor that of anyone else that's watch the Bucs play regularly this season, that Blount is the future of this football team.  He is a special talent at 6', 250 pounds with the speed of a back 30-40 pounds lighter.  Blount reminds me a lot of the way Jerome Bettis ran early in his career, and, if the Buccaneers are smart, they will find a way to lock him up long-term before any other team can get their dirty paws on him.

For now (tosses ball to Blount), you've earned this one, LGB.