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Quick Thoughts on "Controversial" Calls

There were two controversial calls (or 1 non call) in the 4th quarter of the game. The first is Kellen Winslows touchdown catch that was wiped out by an offensive pass interference. The second was on the following play when Mike Williams got tied up in the corner of the end-zone and did not catch the ball. After that catch I posted on the Bucs_Nation twitter account that Mike Williams tantrums resembles Bron Bron (LeBron James) whining after a foul call. Craig responded that it was justified. First, my problem isn't his whining after that call, rather EVERY time he is targeted and doesn't make a reception. Regardless, here are my thoughts on those two calls

1) Kellen Winslow TD Catch - I understand your frustration. The defender doesn't turn his head, Winslow slaps his hands away and jumps up and back to go get the ball. In doing so, he creates separation. First, it was the wrong call. It wasn't offensive pass interference. I also don't think it was defensive pass interference. You may want to call face-guarding, but the defender does turn his head just nanoseconds before the ball gets there. However, I didn't mind the ref throwing the flag. At first glance, I immediately thought it was offensive pass interference. Winslow extends his arms and separation is created. It HAS to be an instantaneous decision by the ref, and I don't mind him throwing the flag. It wasn't the end of the game which has to be taken into account, whether that's right or not. You don't want to see a ref throw a borderline flag at the end of the game, and they are more likely to keep it in their pocket.

2) Mike William Non-Catch - The opposite on this play is true. I would have rather seen a ref throw a flag as a "make-up" call and honestly may have if their were more fans in the stadium creating a more hostile environment. Again though, I don't have a problem with him not throwing it. From what I remember (no highlights) of this play is that both players were handfighting and jockeying for position on a (rightfully) underthrown ball. Also, I believe the picture on this thread is from that play (I know you guys will correct me if I'm wrong), but if it is, Williams still had a chance to catch it. It was nothing aggregious.

Also, while the final score would have obviously been different, the Bucs had ample opportunity to win this game and they couldn't. I'd rather talk about the failure that is the goal-line set with Roy Miller and Earnest Graham and deciding to run it to the 3 hole. Or the porous defense, being unable to stop the slant,  the terrible play of EJ Biggers and Barett Ruud, our 2nd half running failures and terrible kickoff coverages that seceded these two "controversial" calls.

What say you? Bad calls? Are you OK with them?