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Gameday Thread: Strong Finish - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Redskins

LeGarrette Blount

#27 / Running Back / Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Dec 05, 1986


Going back to our good luck charm. We're 3-0 when Mr. Blount graces the GDT front page. Time to see what happens when faced with some almost "must win" games. Gotta finish no worse than 3-1 to have a realistic chance.

Washington comes in as a team in turmoil. Between Shanahan, Haynesworth and the ole McNabb vs Barber battle, this should be an interesting game. Washington seems just about ready to fold up shop, perhaps we can drive in the final nail. And if all else fails, Washington is under .500 and we're undefeated against sub .500 teams.