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Gameball of the Week: Gerald McCoy

A sign of good things to come.
A sign of good things to come.

One bright spot did shine through the darkness of Sunday’s loss: the play of the defensive line. For the third straight week, the Buccaneer defense turned in a multiple sack performance, this time sacking QB Joe Flacco 4 times, a feat that is not easily accomplished against a talented Baltimore offensive line. In the middle of that sack party was the ever-improving Gerald McCoy, who finished with 3 tackles and 2 sacks. More importantly, he helped lead a Buccaneer defensive front hold the Baltimore offense to less than 100 yards rushing despite 23 rushes from Ray Rice and Willis McGahee

McCoy now has 3 sacks on the season, and it’s no coincidence that the Bucs’ sack total has increased from 6 before the Carolina game to 18 after Sunday. Against Carolina, McCoy started to really flash some of that quickness and explosiveness for which he was billed. He was a part of 2 sacks on QB Troy Smith the following week and absolutely dominated the inside gaps, which helped limit Frank Gore to 23 yards on 12 carries.
If the Bucs are going to have a chance to slow down Michael Turner on Sunday, who ran for 107 yards on the Bucs last month, they are going to need McCoy to continue his disruptive play, along with the d-line continuing to bring the same level of increased pressure.
For now, here's your game ball, GMC.