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Stats are for losers, unless you want to compare teams.

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Raheem Morris hurts my feelings every time he talks.  Saying stats is for losers is like kicking puppies.  Well maybe it's not that bad, but it's coach speak that holds zero water.  We get it Rah, the team is 5-2 despite what any traditional or advanced stats say.  And he's right, ultimately the "W" is the most important part of the game. But don't tell me stats are useless when you start to throw numbers around.  And even though football isn't played on a spreadsheet or calculator, those numbers can be very important.  Why else do teams run on 3rd and 1.  Because it is statistically more probable to pick up a first down that way. 

Anyways, off the high horse, on to some numbers.

I always like to combine traditional and advanced, just to give everyone a taste of each and cover the whole spectrum.  As always, traditional stats are being pulled of and advanced off of

Total Offense - Tradtional

Yards Per Game:  321.7 (21st)

Points Per Game:  19.4 (20th)

Time of Possession: 31:00 (14th)

Turnover differential:  +8 (more of an overall stat) (2nd)

Total Offense - Advanced

Offensive DVOA:  -0.4% (19th)

Rather than do offense and defense and break it up by pass or run, I thought this would be a good place to stop.  Why?  Look at those ranks.  Middle of the pack, but outside of turnover differential (fueled by the defense), each of those ranks are pretty similar. 

Now we can get onto passing and rushing offense.

Total Passing Offense - Traditional

Yards Per Game:  216.9 (18th)

Passer Rating:  87.5 (14th)

Average per Attempt:  6.8 (18th)

Total Passing Offense - Advanced

Passing DVOA:  14.8% (18th)

Middle of the pack again.  Which isn't a bad thing given the youth on the team. 

Total Rushing Offense - Traditional

Yards per Game:  104.9 (18th)

Yards per Carry:  4.2 (10th)

Attempts per Game:  25.1 (22nd)

Total Rushing Offense - Advanced

Rushing DVOA:  -8.0% (23rd)

Hard to believe we're only 23rd.  Seems like we should be about 47th (yes I know there are only 32 teams). 

The offense is performing adequately, enough to get some wins. 

No deep analysis here, just a smattering of stats.  It tells us a few things.  Overall we're middle of the pack.  I bet if we broke it down by quarter the first quarter would be about league worst followed by a laegu best fourth quarter, or close to it.

My last rant on stats for today. I understand the point Morris is making.  You can't get too wrapped up in stats in a team sport where subjectivity and lack of separation cloud each number.  For example, we're 10th in YPC but 28th in OL DVOA when running.  I'd rather rank 32nd in every category and go 12-4 then finish at the top in each category and go 5-11 (Hello San Diego).  The key is to finding the right balance between each. 

As always, feel free to discuss and ask questions.