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Bucs Just on the Outside, Looking In at Playoff Picture After Week 12

Seed Team Division Record
1 Atlanta South 9-2-0
2 Chicago North 8-3-0
3 Philadelphia East 7-4-0
4 St. Louis West 5-6-0
5 New Orleans South 8-3-0
6 NY Giants East 7-4-0
Still Alive
7 Tampa Bay South 7-4-0
8 Green Bay North 7-4-0

With 5 weeks left in the regular season, the Buccaneers currently sit in the 7th position, just a few percentage points back of the Giants based on a distant tiebreaker. Here's what scares me...... Right now we are ahead of the Packers based on conference record (5-2 to 5-3) and have the same as the Giants (5-2). After head-to-head and conference record are used, the third tiebreaker is strength of victory. Right now, the Buccaneers are far behind the Giants and probably the Packers. As things sit, if the season ends with the Bucs matching the Giants and/or the Packers with the same overall record (looking way ahead here), there's a pretty good chance the Bucs will end up with the same conference record with one or both (certainly with the Giants). If that's the case and it comes down to strength of victory, I don't like our chances too much. Certainly, wins over Atlanta and New Orleans would shoot that up, if (knocks on wood) the Buccaneers play well enough to get them, obviously, which is a very tall task right now. However, given that the Bucs don't have a win over a team with a winning record, that tiebreaker greatly concerns me right now.

That being said.....if the Buccaneers just win, win, win, then it should all be moot anyways.