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Tampa Bay 21, San Francisco 0: A Quick Look at the Numbers

Wow. That was fun.

For one beautiful Sunday in the bay area, your Tampa Bay Bucccaneers looked like that "best-team-in-the-NFC" talk that we heard about from Raheem Morris.  The Bucs controlled both lines of scrimmage, the pace of the game....and pretty much the San Francisco 49ers as well in a 21-0 rout. 

Let's just get down to numbers and facts from today's game, shall we?

42 - number of Buccaneer rushes.  22 - number of Buccaneer passes.  100.7 - number of rushing YPG allowed by Niners coming into today's game.  101 - Buccaneer rushing yards in the first half.  168 - Buccaneer rushing yards for the game .  71 - San Francisco rushing yards today.  1.9 - Frank Gore's yards per carry (12 for 23).  6 - number of sacks the Buccaneers tallied for the game.  4.5 - the number of sacks Stylez White has after recording 1.5 sacks today, which leads the team.  40 - the number of interceptions Ronde Barber has accumulated during his illustrious career.  26 - the number of times LeGarrette Blount carried the ball (for 82 yards).  7 - the number of different receivers Freeman connected with.  1 - the number of end zone celebrations by a Buccaneer offensive lineman.  7.3 - the number of yards per carry by Cadillac Williams.  117.9 - Josh Freeman's QB rating.  5 - the number of times Freeman has thrown 2 or more TDs in a game this season.  50 - the Bucs' conversion percentage on 3rd down today.  20 - Average SF kickoff return yardage (4 returns).  0 - the number of Buccaneer turnovers.

Any way you want to slice it, the defense, to a man, came to play today, and the Buccaneers managed to pitch their first road shutout since the season opener at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly in September 2003, when the Bucs shut down the Eagles 17-0.  The defensive line has been a weak link on this team to date, but they showed everyone just what they're capable of doing today. They gummed up the interior running lanes and completely took Frank Gore out of the Niners' game plan, which put the Niners in 2nd and 3rd and long situations.  From there, Gerald McCoy, Stylez White, Michael Bennett, and company were able to pester QB Troy Smith from start to finish. 

If this unit can play to a fraction of this level on a weekly basis, they have a chance to really help keep this team on the right track in it's Race to Ten.