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Bucs Saturday Links

Cadillac breakdancing to celebrate another collection of links
Cadillac breakdancing to celebrate another collection of links

A relatively short collection of links this time, but some good stuff in there.

On the Bucs:

Pat Yasinskas writes about Bucs attendance - This is a concern and it's a shame the stadium isn't filled for a winning team. The economy is terrible, though, and on Sunday there were just 36,008 people in the stadium. 

Pat Yasinskas on some Bucs stats - Just some trivia in there, but worth a look.

On Bucs players:

Tom Balog argues that Blount should be the starting running back - I think we all want to see more of Blount at this point. 

Another piece about Blount, this time by Gary Shelton

Yahoo!'s Jason Cole writes about Freeman's comeback artistry - This is a good read, it seems Freeman's getting a lot of national attention.

Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post writes on the performance of the Bucs rookies against the Rams - Looks like he liked what he saw out of all our rookies. 


Time for some Steve White links again. If you're not reading his articles yet, shame on you! They're the most in-depth Bucs game analysis I've found.

Bull Rush - On the Defensive Line

Good, Bad and Ugly - On the game as a whole


ESPN's John Clayton takes a quick look at the NFC South

ESPN previews the Bucs-Cardinals game

And does the same thing

The Bucs' game-winning drive was featured as the Drive of the Week on NFL Network

And the Bucs were featured on Sound FX too - This is some great stuff, I always love to hear what the players and coaches are saying during the game. 


Michael Clayton signs with the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL - Now that's a big slide, from a big shiny new contract to the UFL in just one season.