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Fantasy Football Week 4: Sit and Start

TAMPA FL - SEPTEMBER 26:  Cheerleaders of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers perform during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Raymond James Stadium on September 26 2010 in Tampa Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
TAMPA FL - SEPTEMBER 26: Cheerleaders of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers perform during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Raymond James Stadium on September 26 2010 in Tampa Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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After slightly redeeming myself last week (even though both of my fantasy teams advanced to 0-3) I return.



Matt Ryan - Makes my list once again. While (fired) Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye was a huge part of  the problem, he wasn't the only one. The Niners have given up 5 touchdowns to quarterbacks named Matt. The trend will continue against the Falcons. Lock.

Aaron Rogers- Favre had a bad week last week. I missed it. I still don't know that the Lions can prove me wrong though. Their pass defense is awful and Rogers is an elite quarterback. Lock.

Bruce Gradkowski - The Texans also have a bad pass defense. Heyward- Bey is starting to show some flashes and Louis Murphy is establishing himself. If the Raiders can run the ball at all, Gradkowski should be in for a nice day. Flier. 


It's hard to pick quarterbacks to sit this weekend. No huge unfavorable matchups, but here's what I got. I wouldn't call any of these locks.

Eli Manning - Eli has been bad. I made a statement on our Twitter account a week ago that Josh Freeman is better than Eli Manning. At least he is playing like it this season. The Bears are a middle of the road pass defense team. I just don't trust Eli.

Joe Flacco - At this point, I'm not starting any quarterback against the Steelers.

Carson Palmer - Palmer has struggled mightily this week. While Cleveland is a nice opportunity to change it, I don't see much need for a big passing game if Cedric Benson can get going.



Cedric Benson - With Palmer struggling, Benson will carry a large load and against the Browns that's a good reason to start Benson on your fantasy team. Lock.

Beanie Wells - Get the ball out of Derek Andersons hands. That's all. Wells had a good game last week and should get you aroun 10-13 points this week. Lock.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis - If this isn't a depleted running-back squad, then call me a fantasy king. Ellis had 15 FP last week. While I understand that was against the Bills, I would expect just slightly less. If you are looking for a 10-13 point back, Ellis is a good pick. Flier.


Darren McFadden - The Texans front 7 has not let me down this season. They are good. If only their DB's could catch up. McFadden is so inconsistent that going against the Texans shouldn't give you much confidence. Lock.

Pierre Thomas - Jon Beason is just that good. I expect them to air it out against the Panthers. Flier.

Steven Jackson - The Seahawks have the 3rd best rush defense in the NFL and have played backs like Gore, Moreno and Ryan Matthews. Obviously I am taking a chance here. Unless you have a much better option I would keep Jackson in your starting lineup. Flier.



DeSean Jackson - Against #1 WR's Washington ranks 31st. I keep waiting for Vick to return to reality, but it won't be this week. Lock.

Darius Heyward-Bey - Houston has given up 82 Y/G to the #2 WR. If you can get 80 yards and a touchdown out of Heyward-Bey you will look like a fantasy genius. Lock.

Malcom Floyd - The Cardinals can't defend against the pass anymore. They lost too many crucial pieces. Chargers don't really have a number 1 option, but either way both Floyd and Naanee are probably safe plays.Flier.


Calvin Johnson - Johnson is always a tempting play. However Shaun Hill is his quarterback and the Packers pass defense is just brutal. Starting WR average 23 YPG against this unit. I think Johnson has more like 5 or 6, but that's not going to get you a win. Lock.

Terrell Owens - 152 Yards and no score through 3 games doesn't exactly mean your bad, but its not fantasy good.Lock

Devin Hester - Inconsistent and a bad matchup against NYG defense. Their DB's give up 33 YPG against the #2. Knox may be the true 2, but Hester will be matched up against the 2nd corner, likely. Lock.



Dustin Keller - Still the most targeted player on the Jets. Sanchez loves his security blanket. Lock.

Dante Rosario - Clausen needs to follow Sanchez lead. Find a safe throw and don't lose the game. Rosario could be a nice option. Flier

Zach Miller - I predicted a big day for Bruce, so I gotta stick with this trend. Lock.


Mercedes Lewis - David Garrard is so bad and this is a fast Colts defense. Lock.

Tony Scheffler. Lock. 

Brent Celek. Lock


Start - Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Chargers, Colts

Sit - Jaguars, Dolphins, Skins, Niners



Let's hear your questions!