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Running Game Turning Around

The palm to the skull is more field-appropriate.
The palm to the skull is more field-appropriate.

After five games of an innocuous rushing attack it's about time someone showed up.  Even if it was only for a single game, Blount's solid 6.5 ypc average gives Arizona something to stew over for their match up this weekend.  His rousing performance takes blame off of the offensive line for an afternoon, although their game was mired in penalties.  I'm unsure if fans can do more than hope LeGarrett will become a legitimate threat, but he did show that he ascribes to Morris' brutal brand of football.  Blount runs hard, through arm tackles and generally just through people.  Unfortunate as it is that Kareem Huggins won't be able to contribute once again this year as a burner in the backfield, the combination of Blount as the workhorse and Williams as the third down back is uplifting.  

If the running game can tie two halves together with numbers even close to what was exhibited the other day it would make Josh Freeman's job exponentially easier.  Following that logic, more points generally makes the defense breathe easy translating to more wins.  So long as Tampa can at least feign to have a multifaceted offense, opponents will be forced to respect the run and pass.  This will make Mike Williams even more fun to watch when teams can't afford to pay him so much attention.

I'm looking forward to greater offensive production in the coming weeks.  One can choose to look at last week as an anomaly, yet I believe that the offense is on the precipice of functioning wholly and effectively.  Blount yesterday gave credibility to Morris' words on being violent and to the offensive line for being able to block with desire, contrary to Derrick Wards eloquent theory.