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Meet your newest Buccaneer: Alex Magee

As stated in the fanshot below, the Buccaneers made a move prior to the trade deadline and picked up Kansas City defensive end Alex Magee. Magee is currently in his second season in the NFL and was taken with the 67th overall pick in the 2009 draft out of Purdue. Magee, a four year starter at Purdue, has the size to play any of the four defensive line positions. His measurable all look good. He is 6'3 and 298 pounds. He runs a 4.8 40 and has nearly a 30 inch vertical. Not too shabby for a 300 pound man.

Magee failed to make a name for himself in the 3-4 defense in Kansas City, but did manage to rack up two sacks last year. His success in a 4-3 scheme in college and his versatility on the line likely prompted Raheem and Dominik to make this move. One man's trash is another man's treasure. This cliche is all too true in the NFL, and players often find homes in different systems.

Considering the fact that Tampa Bay has only managed to reach the quarterback in one of their five games this year, I have to say I'm behind this move 100%. Magee has high upside and didn't cost much. Dominik has shown a pretty good eye for talent in his short stint as GM, and I'm gonna defer to his judgement until proven otherwise. He is trying to fix what is broken, and we can't fault him for that. Everyone knows we need a pass rusher in next year's draft, but maybe Magee can help us win an extra game or two in the interim. Hell, maybe he will end up being a pro bowler. While this is unlikely, it's a fact that Magee has not had the opportunity to play the position that earned him the 67th overall selection only a year ago. For all any of us know, Magee may get buried on the bench and we may never see him step onto the field, but I'm hoping Raheem and company can get this guy motivated and help him live up to his potential.

What do you think Bucs Nation?