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Saturday Bucs Linkage: stories from around the web

The Bucs celebrate a joyous occasion: articles are being written about them!
The Bucs celebrate a joyous occasion: articles are being written about them!

Gameday is nearly here! To hold you guys over until the game actually starts, I've collected a number of stories around the web related to the Bucs. If you enjoy reading these and I'm pointing out new stories for everyone, please tell me so I might start doing something like this more regularly. 

On the Bucs-Bengals game:

Calvin Johnson rule steals victory from the Bengals: ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio talks about the Michael Spurlock catch at the end of the game, and how it should not have been a catch.

On Bucs players:

From tumultuous past, Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie Legarrette Blount forging ahead: Rick Stroud writes about Blount's history and past issues, and how dedicated he is to football now. It's a good read and it shows a side of Blount that doesn't get shown in the media much. 

Josh Freeman is becoming what Daunte Culpepper could've been: Pat Yasinskas relates a cute story about an NFL personnel executive comparing Freeman to Culpepper.

Bonding with Brees Beneficial for Freeman: Pewter Report talks about the offseason training Josh Freeman went through alongside Drew Brees

On the Bucs:

Bucs won't be anonymous for long if they keep winning:'s Vic Carucci writes about the Bucs' rebuilding process and the positive results so far. 

Bucs analysis:

The inimitable Steve White, ex-Bucs DE perhaps best remembered for intercepting Kurt Warner's first pass in the 1999 NFC Championship, has written a couple of pieces about the Bucs last game. I cannot recommend his writing highly enough - he goes into a lot of detail in his analysis and is fair about what he sees. His insight really is unique in the media. 

Bull Rush: Steve White analyzes the Bucs D-line performance against the Bengals and what they need to do get better. 

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Steve goes over the Bengals game as a whole, picking out some things good and bad. 

A Blast from the Past and a Quick Scouting Report: Here he offers some schematic advice on how the Bucs D-line can get to Drew Brees effectively, going over every player on their offensive line. 

And some videos to wrap it up:

NFL Network's Playbook analyzes the Bucs-Bengals game previews Saints-Bucs

Sports Illustrated's JIm Trotter does the same

And finally, Jason Horowitz and Pat Kirwan of CBS try their hand at a bit of analysis