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Cadillac truly back, and Trio instant 'No-Fumble'.

The season was over, so it was time for Cadillac to do his duty. He went to the office, and had his knee checked out with an MRI. It was a painful memory that season finale for Bucs fans.

No, Im not talking about last year after the Raiders game either. While Bucs fans are getting over their 3-13 season, one bright spot emerged the other day as Cadillac Williams had a "Year after" MRI. The results according to website info was a healthy Caddy. He will finally go into an offseason for the first time in three years without having to do major rehab on his knee.  Instead, he can concentrate on other things, things that make great backs great. So it would seem any worry about a knee injury can be put to rest. Williams, is the feature back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While getting this interesting tidbit of info from the teams website, I also learned of a new anti-fumbling tool Raheem Morris used at one Buc place. It was a football with a bungy cord attached to it on one side, and set up to a machine. The idea was to take the ball and run as far as you can with the bal without fumbling the ball, while trying to reach the goal posts. The feel of a force pulling at the ball was the training. It was interesting to note that neither Cadillac, Graham or Ward coughed up the football this year (as in actually turning it over)!

Cadillac  gave seven fumbles over to the other team from his rookie year in 2005 to 2007. Ward has lost two since joining the league in 2004 and Earnest Graham has fumbled to the other team 4 times total, three in the last two years. 

It would seem the Bucs are safe running the ball into the belly of the enemy with these guys leading the way.