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Dear Michael Clayton,

You are a very special and enthralling WR. You have been with the team for over 5 years and have been an interesting player to watch and make fun of. Last year, when you signed that 5 year, 26 million dollar contract, I thought you were going to become that awesome WR again (like in your rookie year). Heck, I even believed you- when you said you were training with Larry Fitzgerald. I believed you even more when you caught 5 passes for 95 yards during the first game of the season. Most of the fans thought you had turned the corner. But alas, that would not be the case. As time went on- you went back to becoming the doghouse era (Gruden) WR per 2005-2008.

I decided to find out if you could get worse (this year too). Apparently you can: 

  • Of the 48 times you were targeted throughout the season, you caught the ball 16 times. That's 33% to go along with 5 drops, which might be low for you but that's still in the late 10's in WR's for drops.
  • You are seventh on the team in receptions- one would think with all these injuries and general lack of talent, you would have gotten better but nope, Stroughter and Stovall were better than you. Heck, even Derrick Ward was better than you.
  • Per NFL. com- 101st in receiving yards, 107th in receptions, 83rd in touchdown receptions WITH ONE, measly touchdown.
  • Did I mention that of the times you caught the ball, only 22% were first downs?

[Welp], but wait- there's even more bad news. Here is a list of little known WR's (during this year) that have had a lot more impact than you:

Name Receptions Receiving Yards TD's Targets Drops %First Downs
Mike Thomas (Jac)  48 453 1 62 0 45.2
David Anderson (Hou) 38 370 0 53 1 41.5
Keenan Burton (Stl) 25 253 0 44 0 38.6
Legedu Naanee (Sd) 24 242 2 29 1 48.3
Kelley Washington (Bal) 34 431 2 48 1 56.3
Devin Thomas (Was) 25 325 3 47 3 34.0
Sam Aiken (Ne) 20 326 2 41 3 29.3
Brandon Gibson (Stl) 34 348 1 69 1 33.3
Jordy Nelson (Gb) 22 320 2 31 3 48.4

See, Michael- these guys significantly paid less than you are averaging more receptions, yards and touchdown's. Also, while you are supposed to be the #2 WR, those in the list above are like #3, #4, or #5 receivers on their depth chart. Why would you suck more than them? I guess I'll never know.

(Sigh), I guess at this point the best thing for you to do is work-out, maybe get hand transplant surgery and not drop balls- next year. You know- you are hanging by a thin-thread that might be severed next year. The fan-base absolutely hates you for being on the field, doing nothing, and getting paid more than most of us will ever make. So, please Michael, do something right for once in your life. Im saying this for the good of the team and you.


A fan that is concerned with the Bucs, NOT YOU.

(P.S. If you want to demand a trade away from the bucs, feel free)