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BUCSHOTS: Changes at One Buc, & Video: Sam Wyche Goes Postal

Pewter Report is a great source for content without an agenda. Here they discuss changes due to happen at One Buc. As I felt, the DL, DB coaches should soon be gone, and Jimmy Lake should be expected to come in and coach up the DBs like Raheem Used to.

St. Pete Times Rick Stroud feels Cadillac's story is more compelling than Brady's.

Speaking of agenda's, has a story on attendance, with holes bigger than a donut. Wonder if the worse attendance at Jacksonville is for the same reason, or maybe its the 13% unemployment. Still, there is some apathy, I get that. Look at the stadium in game one though, and that is what it will look like in 2010 for game one then too. Same thing happened in 1996. Once a 5 game winning streak started, well, we didnt talk about it again until now. 

For the Movie of the day, I found this Gem...and I thought Sam Wyche had a problem with Tampa Bay's media! Look what he does to this Cincinnati reporter who wanted to know why Sam kicked a door, after a last second loss during a week 12 game with the Bengals in the playoff race.