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Season Finale Edition of the Buc'Em Weekly Caption Contest

Bring your A game boys. This one is it until next preseason. Congratulations to Craig T for winning the last contest with his caption about Thomas Jones, Ronde Barber, and some mistletoe.

As always please try to keep it clean. The winner will receive the Buccaneers game of his/her choice on DVD (provided kindly by Niko). Please Rec the captions you find most humorous. The five captions with the most Recs will go on to the 2nd round for voting by the readers.

We have had a lot of good laughs over the past few months and I will miss scouring the game photos for humorous pictures to use for this contest. Who knows? Maybe I will put up a random caption contest from time to time during the offseason just for the hell of it.

Alrighty Buc 'Em readers, let's see what you're made of...