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Editorial: The "I'm Canceling my season tickets" Shim Sham

There are people out there who are going to cancel their season tickets. I understand that, it is a fact.

But it is NOT because of fan apathy, you can take that idea and throw it right over Raymond James Stadium. 

One website,, reportedly has 25% of a poll which answers they will cancel their season tickets. Amazing, as the Demographics on the site show the greatest audience is of 18-24 year olds, of whom over 60% of the audience reports logging in from School, and we are supposed to believe this demographic is in the Bucs season ticket base?

That you put down money on a seat deposit license, which by the way, is now up for most people.

So Yes, there will be plenty of people not renewing their season tickets this year, but most of the ones you hear saying it will be

1) a non season ticket holder

2) not renewing because they cannot afford it.

13% unemployment in the Tampa Bay area is what is responsible for empty seats, not Raheem Morris of Fan Apathy. I can assure you the Jacksonville Jaguars fans love their team, but their stadium is sometimes only a third full. Is it any cooincidence Jacksonville is a Customer Service/ Office Work hub in Florida? Where insurance and information companys reign supreme? Then again Jack Del RIo is on the hot seat!

Dont get me wrong Bucem readers, there are a few people who have been season ticket holders who are not going to renew their tickets. But its because they paid off their seat license and no longer need to keep them. And in this economy, trust me, Season tickets are a big luxury.

Ive been a die hard Bucs fan since 1979, went to my first game in 1980. I went to game 16s when we were 5-10, and yet this year I made it to only one game, and it was paid for me. Times are tough.

So when you see someone selling the "Im not renewing my tickets"....well, dont buy it. I enjoy reading comments from all over the net, but when I see something like that...I just have to clear that up for our readers.