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Bucs find a way to alter playoff dreams.

With the 2009 NFL playoffs starting in just a few days, we'd be remiss if we didn't find some way to tie in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Though we won't be competing in the playoffs, history shows that we will play a large part in determining who will win the Super Bowl.  As it stands, no team that has lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs in a given season has ever gone on to win the Super Bowl.  In the years before the Bucs became respectable, the joke was that not only were we bad, but our stink rubbed off on other teams during the year.  Only two teams the Bucs beat qualified for the playoffs (Packers and Saints). 

Sorry Green Bay.  Sorry New Orleans.  Better start planning those vacations and scouting for free agents and draft talent.  It just won't be your year.