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Editorial: Resist temptation to judge one game at a time

Instead take a step back and evaluate the body of work. This game was not a testament to what the Bucs are capable of. Tampa Bay had its hands tied behind their back, and these arn't exactly hands of steel.


  • Only 3 DBs were available for the game
  • The plethora of backs came down to one, Cadillac.
  • Any one of the 16 men on IR


 A Win would have been better. Heck, playing a better game would have been better, but the last game of a season tends to highlight all the ills of the year. A list of needs is not hard to come up with.

Offensive Line: This line is just not tough enough. Joeseph, Faine and Sears (when he returns) can cut it. Can Penn bring his run game up to match his pass efforts? Right Tackle is not a position of need, as Trueblood must be evaluated this offseason.

Wide Receiver- AB is really a possession receiver, he is not guy to leap in the end zone and fight for the ball. The Bucs havn't had this guy since Keenan McCardell.  Stovall and Stroughter have given the Bucs and fans a reason to be optimistic.

Defensive Line- This list is NOT in order. The DL is the most pressing need by far. The Bucs get pressure on the QB sporadically, and thats only when we blitz. Raheem Morris has shown a nice ability to coordinate this defense, throwing in some blitz wrinkles. At least two new bodies must be added to start.

Defensive Backs- Sabby Piscitelli is not going to morph into John Lynch next year (if ever). He makes for great depth, but a playmaking safety to match with Tanard Jackson is a must.

Coaching- No, not the one you think. Raheem Morris has proven he has what it takes to coach in the NFL. He had these guys playing all the way until the last minute of the last game of a 3-13 season. Instead, give Raheem Morris the proper coaches he needs to get the job done. Make sure Greg Olsen is the Offensive Coordinator you want, or keep him as QB coach. His familiarity with Josh Freeman is critical. Defensive LIne and Defensive Backs coaches are Jim Bates guys, who need to be replaced with Tampa 2 guys. 

The Free Agency period starts first, March 4th, then the Draft which has now turned into a full week long event. 

Oh, and we have the last place schedule next year. Much better than than the #2 slate we drew this season.

Enjoy the offseason everyone!