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From Buc'Em to All of You...Thank You

Even though the sour 2009 season just ended on a sour note, I want to take the chance, on behalf of Niko, BucWild, Paul, and all of our writers, to thank each and every one of you for coming by the site and sharing with us your insight, commentary, and opinions on the season. I love it when you take a side on an issue and we can develop some significant discussion threads. Hopefully you find this site to be a haven where you can share your feelings without feeling backlash from us or others.

Be sure to stick with us this offseason, as we will undoubtedly be discussing, in great detail, draft possibilities, free agent moves, and other things that will shape the Bucs' hopefully successful 2010 team. In fact, I will begin my draft pieces starting in a week or so. The next season begins this week as far as I'm concerned, as I LOVE the NFL draft.

I look forward to continuing our discussions with all of you.

Thanks again!!!