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Bucs fight till the end, fall to history in season Finale 10-20.

In the end, it was all about history; too bad it was all Atlanta's. The Falcons finally ended a 40+ year streak and posted the franchises first back to back winning seasons ever.  The Bucs were not without a little history of their own, as Josh Freeman with his TD pass to Antonio Bryant, broke the Bucs record for most TDs by a rookie with 10. The TD tied the game at 10-10 in the 4th quarter and allowed the Bucs to put a putrid offensive performance behind them, but the equally inept tackling of their defense gave the Falcons the chances they needed to get the win.


The defense played the Falcons well most of the game, but got no support from the offense that could not run the ball like they had been able to in wins the last two weeks. Tampa Bay gained 40 rushing yards, all from Cadillac Williams in 19 carries. The offensive line was unable to open holes, and were equally inept in passing protection. Josh Freeman finished 16 of 32 for 174 yards. He also threw two interceptions. The last of which coming on the heels of a Sabby Piscitelli Interception.

So the Bucs go home losers, but winners of 2 of the last three games, and though 3-6 in the last 9, played 3 losses down to the end. The Bucs will watch out later Sunday afternoon and root for the Chiefs to beat the Broncos, which would insure Tampa Bay with the 3rd overall pick in the NFL Draft. A KC loss will finish both teams at 3-13, which is where the Bucs finish the year, the worst record since 1991. 

The past week has been full of rumors regarding the Bucs coaching job, but Tampa Bay though definitely outplayed in the game stayed in until the end, and finished the season with momentum.  There will be a change of coaching staff among the assistants and staff, Special Teams coach Rich Bisaccia the leading attention getter for Bucs coaches.