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Gameday Thread: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Atlanta Falcons - Week 17 Edition

Ronde Barber

#20 / Cornerback / Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Apr 07, 1975


Carnell Williams

#24 / Running Back / Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Apr 21, 1982


Sadly enough, this may be the last time we see one or both of these guys in a Buccaneers uniform. Ronde has contributed greatly to the franchise over the years and will find his way to the Hall of Fame someday.

Cadillac has always been a favorite of mine and has recently become a fan favorite due to his hard nosed running and comeback from two gruesome injuries.

The Falcons need a win to secure their first ever back to back winning seasons. Lets keep that from happening.

Ronde, Cadillac, thanks for the memories. Hopefully there are more to come.