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BucShots and Rumors abound....

Have the Bucs left out my favorite player of all time......again?
Have the Bucs left out my favorite player of all time......again?

Before we get into this weeks BucShots...Id like to pass on some info courtesy of the Pewter Report. As agreed, I only summarize stories from Pewter Insider reports, never copy them verbatim. For more details on Pewter Insider reports, I highly recommend a subscription to the Pewter Report, which I believe STILL has that 10 dollar deal going on. While the Magazine is no longer mens room-able, its great on the computer!

For starters, it would appear there has indeed been a shake up at the top in Buc-land. When I was invited to the reuninion of 1979 Bucs back in October, Jimmy Giles was a no-show, reportedly to protest the Bucs treatment of Doug Williams. Right now, All of the Bucs big-wigs are at the Senior Bowl, except Mr. Williams is not, and he is ALWAYS at the Senior Bowl.

It would seem some of my criticisms of poster BucNut1 are due apologies, as the Bucs attempt to hire coaches from the College ranks is hitting snag after snag. Mostly because NONE, absolutely NONE of the Bucs coaches are signed past 2010. The owners appear to be arming themselves for a battle come 2011. Lets hope the players arnt too hell-bent on striking. The owners are fools though if they think they can just demand anything they want. They can camp out for one year, but go talk to MLB about what happens when you skip a year of your sport. Or NHL.

Sounds like you can bet on Byron Leftwich NOT being a Buccaneer in 2010. It seems the Bucs do not want his poor film study and other habits around The Freechise.

...what the Bucs DO have planned for Josh Freeman, is a weekend of workouts with SuperBowl QB Drew Brees. As you know, OC Greg Olsen worked with Drew Brees at Purdue. Brees of course considers it payback karma for the same tutelage he got from Doug Flutie. 

BUCSHOTS: has done it again...they have now ranked each and every NFL stadium, and Raymond James comes in 4th of all NFL homes! Check out the list that has the Falcons 30th!

As reported by BucWild on a tip from a reader, Joe Barry has left the Bucs for USC. He was allowed to leave, its not something he could have done had the Bucs not wished it. 

Raheem Morris will interview coaching candidates for WR and QB Coach at the Sr. Bowl, according to this SP Times report.

It would seem its anyones guess where Tim Tebow will be drafted. Speculation from 1st to 4th or not all all abound in this report.

Can you believe the Superbowl was on this day 8 years ago? Yeah, its not ten, or twently, but Bucs fan Paul Stewart of goes wild this time each year. If your in the mood, reminisce away, or well see you in two more years!


Till next time....