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Interview Exclusive: "The Observer's" Paul Harris gives us a look at the British view of the Glazers.

Isn't the swoosh worth a few Pounds in the UK?
Isn't the swoosh worth a few Pounds in the UK?

Paul Harris is the US Correspondent to "The Observer", one of  England's more up-market Sunday Papers. She is the sister to "The Guardian". 

Mr. Harris had asked me some questions about how I felt about the Glazers, and as you know, I put up a poll so you all could answer as a group. As a result, I thought I would do a little asking of questions myself!  

So here goes: 

Niko: Mr. Harris, To us, they are the owners of our favorite team, and as owners go, they are probably not considered the most widely known of them all, like a Jerry Jones. Would you say the Glazers are big news in the UK? 

Paul Harris:  Yes the Glazers are very big news in the UK. Manchester United are effectively the UK soccer equivalent of the New York Yankees in baseball. They are the biggest most successful club and the Glazers own them in increasingly contrversial circumstances. Teh club is sadled with huge debt and interest payments and is seen as symbolic of how money can corrupt sport.

Niko: Other than the Bucs UK fan club, how do Brits feel about our team?

Paul Harris: To be honest, Brits are very parochial when it comes to US Sport. The Bucs won't really cross anyone's radar in a soccer-obsessed country.

Niko: Would you say that Man U fans feel it is The BUCS that are preventing MAN U from getting good quality players?

Paul Harris: Manchester United fans feel the same as Bucs fans. That the Glazer's cash is being spent elsewhere. They certainly feel the Glazers are refusing to buy players.

Niko: With the news of the current Bond sale approved, how do your fans now feel?

Paul Harris: Our fans feel the bond sale is the sort of thing football clubs should NOT be involved in. They feel Manchester United is a soccer club being treated as a big business and exotic financial instruments. The huge levels of debt and interest payments are seen as damaging to a club that was on sound financial footing.


I have always been fascinated by the differences and similarities between our two cultures, America and Great Britain. In America, I think we take for granted the corporate environment in which our sports are engulfed; and perhaps, just a bit, the British have forgotten this fact. One look at Soccer uniforms world-wide reveal Brand advertising on uniforms, something we do not do. Instead we have given up our stadium names for sale. Anyway one looks at it, The Glazers and their ownership of these two sport franchises are proving to everyone that in this case at least, that sometimes, the grass is always 'brown-er' on the other side!