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In regards to Glazers ownership of Bucs; Be VERY careful what you wish for.

Use caution before making 'Public Enemy no. 1" in Tampa Bay.
Use caution before making 'Public Enemy no. 1" in Tampa Bay.

By now you have heard all about the Glazers financial problems 'over there'. Their interest in Manchester United Football Club is killing them, the interest that is. 1.17 billion dollars in debt has accrued for the Bucs owners, and many fans of the Buccaneers have put two plus two together, either on their own accord or by listening to the radio fueled speculation. Bucs fans want new owners it would seem, people who are willing (or in this case, able) to spend money on Free Agency (not that the Bucs did NOT do that last AB, K2, Ward, Nugent, Clayton). 

So to these Bucs fans that want new owners, I say one thing;

Be careful what you wish for.

And I say this from experience, for I once shamefully was with Glee when former Owner Hugh Culverhouse was reported passed on from this life. Finally I felt we would get owners with some pockets. It turns out we did, but we also almost lost the team! Imagine how life would be like with NO PRO FOOTBALL in Tampa Bay. 

When Culverhouse died, the Bucs were run by an estate, and Culverhouse's son Hugh Jr forced the issue and the team had to be sold. One of the best offers received was from Baltimore millionaire Peter Angelos, who said straight out he would move the team to Baltimore if he were allowed to purchase the team. In an era when the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore and left Cleveland, the Rams left Los Angeles, and the Cardinals had been gone from St. Louis for some time now, somehow  we prevailed. The Glazers bought the Bucs, and put money into the team. 

Right now, you may think there are greener pastures out there. There may be, but if forced to sell the Buccaneers, how interested in the Fans of Tampa Bay's interests do you think the Glazers are supposed to be when all they hear on the radio are 'Anti-Glazer' comments, and all they read in the papers are fans who call them cheap.  All the meanwhile, a group in Los Angeles has started a full blown effort to steal, thats right, steal a team from the NFL and move said team to California. 

As for me, I choose to wait until March to pass judgement. This is an uncapped year, the Bucs do NOT have a minimum to pay in a salary cap, and If the Bucs sign so much as two free agent players, or even one big one, that is not something required by the Glazers, and should go a long way towards showing they are still interested and willing to build a winner here in Tampa Bay. I have little doubt, just as i'm quite sure how carefully I would use any wishes, if I had them.