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Video Flashback: A super young Bob Costas!

Seriously, he doesn't look a day over 19 in this clip! Bob Costas is well known in the media world today, with his biggest claim to fame being his love and passion for the game played on the diamond. Costas actually got started in Hockey and Basketball, while the Olympics just  boosted his efforts. His youthful looks were immediately commented on when hired on at NBC, the then 28 year broadcaster was told he looked 14! 

But his work for baseball is what really launched Costas into the big time, as one of his most famous games was the 1984 'Ryne Sandberg Game" in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. 

Emmerson Boozer is Bob's partner in this video, he was the Jets running back during their Super Bowl years behind Joe Namath. He played from 1966 to 1975, so thus never played vs the Bucs.

This pregame was shot minutes before the 1977 Bucs took the field at Tampa Stadium to take on the  5-5 Atlanta Falcons. The graphic shows the old NFC West division, where Atlanta and New Orleans were a part of. The Rams dominated that division over the 70s, appearing in many NFC Championship games. This year, the Rams had a QB controversy, eventually benching starter Joe Namath who the Rams traded for, for young Pat Haden. This is a
nice nostalgic clip that you can soak tons of information out of by watching carefully!