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Video issues with

If everyone could help out with this quick poll, I can better serve our readers with future videos on this site.

It has come to be a problem hosting videos on sites like YouTube or Vimeo, as they constantly take videos down if they arent a bunch of 13 year olds talking about whats in their purse, or lip-sycning a song on the radio. 

As a result, I am hosting videos directly to a website, and creating embed codes for each videos.

At issue is the format I am posting the videos, using Quicktime, Windows media, or Flash types.

I want movies to be as universal as possible, so your help will be greatly appriciated.

Please skip to after the jump, and help out by telling me which of the three videos you are able to watch and play.

Thank You!

The Poll, and video tests, are after the Jump.....

Top Video


Middle Video below


Bottom Video below...