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Editorial- Brandon Marshall is an indulgence the Bucs can do without.

A tempting morsel for Bucs fans, but read the ingredients carefully.
A tempting morsel for Bucs fans, but read the ingredients carefully.

With a fresh benching by Head Coach Josh McDaniels, Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall is becoming something of a hot topic by NFL fans around the league. Perhaps soon to be the leagues next Terrell Owens, Teams fans are drooling at the thought of the YAC "Beast" joining up and scoring touchdowns for the local team. Bucs fans are undoubtedly one of the many.

Before you get too excited about the positives he would bring you, a trip down memory lane is not complete without a background check:


  • On top of being arrested for Assult on a LEO in 2004 while at UCF, he was conveniently in the wrong place at the wrong time when Kenyon Martin was gunned down at "The Shelter", a nightclub in Denver.
  • In March of 2007 he was arrested for a domestic violence issue where he prevented his GF who was in a cab from leaving his home.
  • Then in October of that year, he was arrested for a DUI.
  • While the DUI was still fresh in June 2008, he gets ticketed for illegal lane change, and doesnt have his license or proof of insurance. Starting to show like he is not responsible enough to do the little things you need to do, especially when the world is practically looking for you to do something. 
  • Then Sept. 2008 battery charges were pressed against him , and in March of 2009 he is arrested AGAIN for disorderly conduct after getting into a fight with his fiancee.

    Problem is we dont hear about these things because one way or another, charges get dropped or he plea bargains, or they bunch the pull over incident in with the dui…. But these are all signs of a guy who is not taking control of his life.

    We are already cautious enough with Aqib and the Cab incident (and his other stuff), and then we hve Jerremy Stevens still on the team, even though he has been a model citizen since he has been here, and he was never charged with anything.. People will still bring it up.

    The guy is a major talent.. there is no doubt about that. So was AB, but AB came with personal problems, and he came SUPER Cheap…and he was g iven a chance. He worked that chance out and showed the team, himself, the world that he has gone beyond those issues. 
    Marshall will be one year clear from any arrests when Free agency starts. 
    And he wont be cheap.


    For the record, I wont sit here and say teams should not take a shot at Mr. Marshall, but I just hope the Bucs know what they are doing if they do decide to bring him in here for a look-see. Locker-room chemistry is an important thing too.


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