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Rare Hanky: The lost art of plowing into the kicker

No, this lesson is not authorized by the Richard Bisaccia school, nor will it ever be accredited either!

While watching an old Bucs game, I noticed the Bucs getting the receiving end of a "roughing the kicker" penalty. It reminded me how little we see such calls, because, thanks to the quality of special teams coaches out there like Mr. Bisaccia, well trained rushers who know how to block punts the right way.

Todays rushers don't aim for the punter, they aim for an imaginary spot in FRONT of the punters legs. Coming at a side angle, the proper angle will insure that if you miss, at least you wont hit the punter and give their offense the ball back again after you just stopped them.

This was becoming the problem; Should a team rush the punter hard, and risk giving the ball back, or play it safe in coverage. Eventually, the word spread, that if you aim for a spot, you wont give up an easy first down, and you'll probably get the ball too. 

The correct form is from Corey Lynch, who blocked the punt @ Atlanta this past month.


Anyone like to guess what year the first clip is from? and who the Punter is?