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Vote for Rookie of the Year......2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Here is another chance to be voted in Kellen Winslow Jr as the Team MVP, now vote for the Bucs Rookie of the year. 

You have the three biggest rookies, all three drafted in this past 2009 NFL Draft. 

Voting Ends Monday Night after Midnight, so dont miss your chance to vote!

Your choices are..

Roy Miller- Defensive Tackle, Miller is tied at 89th among all defensive ends in sacks for 2009 with 2 QB Takedowns. Miller has 27 tackles and 1 pass defended. 

Sammie Stroughter- Played in 13 games this year, receiving 31 catches for 334 yards, a 10.8 yards per catch average. Sammie scored one TD this year, against the Packers. Sammie came in ranked 88th of all NFL Wide Receivers.

Josh Freeman- The no.1 draft pick plays Quarterback, and started 9 games for the Bucs, getting his first action in the 4th Qtr of the Patriots game in London, England. Freeman has thrown 290 passes and completed 158 of them for a 54.5 completion percentage. His 1,855 yards is a 6.4 average with 10 Touchdown passes and 18  Interceptions. Freeman has been sacked 20 times, and fumbled 10 times, losing two of them. As a rusher, Freeman gained 161 yards on 30 attempts for a 5.4 average. His QB Rating is 59.8. Freeman ranked 30th of ALL QBs in the NFL in 2009.