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ON THIS DAY- 9/9/1979- " The Bucs are UNDEFEATED"!

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They lost every game. Then 77 came, and they lost every game agin there too, except the last two! In 78 they won 5 games, then to open 1979, the Bucs beat Detroit at home silly, and people were starting to talk. Then came this...

You remember the greatest comeback in Bucs history last year vs Kansas City? Well until then, THIS was the Bucs greatest point comeback. They were down 17-0 in this game. But they fought and clawed their way back into it.

They took Baltimore into Overtime, and you'll see what Nose Tackle Randy Crowder  did to them. Oh yeah, and this is what it was like before they were the Indianapolis Colts. They were the Baltimore Colts.

On a personal note, this was the game that made me a Bucs fan. I was over my neighboors house and we caught the end of the game, and when the Bucs won, the announcer said jokingly "The Tampa Bay Bucs are undefeated"....and it caught my imagination. Havnt really missed more than a small handful of games since.

When did   you become a Bucs fan? What game was it? It doesnt matter if it was last year or 1976. Do you Remember?


1979 2 Baltimore from Bucs Videos on Vimeo.