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ON THIS DAY- September 8th, 2003- Reigning SuperBowl Champs!

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These words are awesome...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers started the defense of their NFL Championship..

on Monday Night Football, taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in their new stadium. Having embarrassed them by closing down the Vet, they furthered the humiliation by opening Lincoln Finanancial to the tune of a 17-0 Shutout. Once again, like the NFC Championship game, Joe Jurivicius was a hero.

Amazing how we looked like we could repeat here huh? The very next game though...the blocked Xtra Point vs Panthers, started the doom.

Oh By the way, Disclaimer: Full Sylvester Stallone 'Rocky' intro, as well as Britney Spears Monday Night theme music.

Sorry,   guaranteed to tick someone off Im sure, one of them!

2003 1 Eagles MNF from Bucs Videos on Vimeo.