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Cadillac will be your Week 1 starting running back, depth chart released

In one of the best feel-good stories in the NFL, two time knee shredder Cadillac Williams was named the starting running back for the 2009 season opener.  He will be part of a heavy rotation (the 2-2-1 that has been discussed) but the fact that this guy will play on Sundays is still remarkable.  Again, I'm a pretty big Cadillac homer, but this is tremendous news.  While 2009 is most likely his last season here, I hope he goes out with a bang, and by that I mean 16 games under his belt.

In other non-Cadillac news, the depth chart was released.  You can check it out here.  Graham is listed as 3rd on the depth chart, but we may see him some at fullback also.  Geno Hayes will be the first starting WLB since #55 left.  At least it stayed in the FSU family.

No real surprises, but the lack of safety depth scares me.  Will Allen is the primary back up at both safety spots and with Jermaine Phillips' forearm, and Sabby's injury history, we have to hope for health in the first 4 games. 

After making a bid for the #3 WR job, Brian Clark has fallen to 5th on the depth chart, and I'm A-okay with that.  Stroughter and Stovall are listed ahead of him.

Any surprises on the depth chart for you?