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Thats right Gene, Matt Bryant was my hero too...

In the end, Injury, and age, did Bryant in as the Bucs kicker.
In the end, Injury, and age, did Bryant in as the Bucs kicker.

He really felt he was at the end of the rope....and that there wasnt much to be hopeful for. He said he was just at the point of saying "Oh well, the dream is not going to happen". But the dream did. Matt Bryant became a regular NFL Placekicker.

He played in two playoff games, and won two division championships. Matt Bryant kicked the game winning points 9 times, including 7 of them game winning FGs. One of them, the second longest FG ever to win a game, 62 yards. He was the hero, and was on TV everywhere once the game was over. Speaking of over, it now officially is. At least in Tampa Bay, Bryant was cut today, and ends what may be one of the best placekickers in Buccaneers history. Bryant will not be out of a job in 2009 if his injury heals. The Redskins could use him, as could half a dozen other teams. But he plays now as the veteran who is holding on and trying to sqeeze out a little more. Unfortunatly, he came to the Bucs with a little age on him. After 4 years, Bryant is now 34, he became a fulltime kicker at the late age of 30. Its unfortunate that no one gave him a solid chance until then. Heck, Give Bryant credit for holding out hope for that long. He got caught in the numbers game though. Injury prevented him from competing, and as I wrote a few weeks ago, a tie would go to the new guy, because the Bucs know Nugent has a stronger leg and more upside. He better, he has some big shoes to fill. Tampa Bay has had its share of flops for kickers, but there have been a string of semi successful ones now going back maybe 25 years....