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On This Day- 9/5/1993- Opening Day- Kansas City w/Joe Montana

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It was freaking HOT my friends.

In 29 years of attending Bucs games, I do NOT recall a hotter day ever. People were dropping like flies. My GF at the time (who would not heed my warning to calm down on the Yager the night before) dropped by the end of the 3rd. It was over by then. I think even with an even match, Marty should have been able to do this to Sam. But with the talent the Bucs had? We went with aging Steve Deberg for one year too many, and this was the last game he started for the Bucs. Craig Erickson took over and would keep the seat warm for Trent Dilfer.

This was an NFL Films special, so has Sam and Marty, Miked up for this contest.

Plus..this was easier...I need some time to process last nights Bucs HD video!! Enjoy!


Sam vs Marty- Bucs vs Chiefs 93 from Bucs Videos on Vimeo.