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ON THIS DAY- September 5th, 1993- Wk 1 Kansas City & Joe Montana

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This unique ON THIS DAY feature gives me the day off..(not really, I have to work on GAME DAY HD FOOTAGE!!)...Its presented by NFL Films, and its a 15 movie of Sam Wyche vs Marty Schottenheimer of the KC Chiefs, and both were wired up for this affair. 

One interesting point, is Steve Deberg who points out to Sam that the heat affects both teams!!


This was a steaming hot one too, my GF at the time PASSED out, and I had to take her home early, of course nothing good was missed. This game showed Steve Deberg was too old to be the QB, that maybe we should have kept Vinny, but was the birth of Craig Erickson era. Enjoy the video if you havnt seen it.


Sam vs Marty- Bucs vs Chiefs 93 from Bucs Videos on Vimeo.