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Bucs lose final preseason game 27-20 as Texans escape with win.

In a sloppy game with too many turnovers, the Texans defeated the Bucs 27-20.  We saw what we've come to expect this preseason from the Bucs.

Turnovers - Too many to count.  Freeman threw 2 picks and Johnson threw 1, to go with a few fumbles.

Penalties - They're adding up.  Let's get disciplined guys

Giving up big plays - Is this the new staple of the Bucs defense?

We did see some good things.  Freeman was able to throw his first TD pass on a nice throw and catch.  Josh Johnson also connected on a TD pass. 

All in all, with mostly backups, it's hard to criticize too much, but I'm not too encouraged by our depth.

Also, on the Josh Johnson note.  He may get kept, and while I don't agree with keeping 4 quarterbacks I understand why.  But if you thought that this guy might progress and be "the guy" (which is the only reason you keep him in my opinion), shouldn't we have waited on Freeman?  Freeman may be awesome, I'm not knocking him, but I don't see the logic behind keeping two young QB's out of 4 total when only one guy has a chance to be the starter.  Do the Bucs really plan on JJ beating out Freeman?  If not, why keep him at this point?  I'll probably recap this in another article if/when they keep all 4, that's how much it aggravates me.

There won't be a grading out the team column this week.  With backups, its just too frustrating.

Feel free to hop on in and discuss this game or any preseason game.