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The day before tomorrow - roster cuts

Thought it would be fun to throw out a completely speculative column and ask for your opinions on roster cuts.  The big day is tomorrow (Sept 5th), so who do you think gets cut?  Any big names get the axe?

My take:

Unless we trade McCown, I have to say I don't see anyone getting cut (and I hate typing that).  AT running back it's so long Kareem Huggins.  Only chance he has is if Josh Johnson gets sent packing.  No way can we keep 5 RB's and 4 QB's. At WR, well, no surprises here, but Hankton hits the bricks.  I think Urrutia might stay or be scooped to the practice squad.

To run over to the defensive side I think Torrie Cox and/or Donte Nicholson will be cut.  I don't think both will with the depth issues we have, but one of the two probably gets a pink slip.

And say good bye to Matt Bryant.  I think his time in Tampa is done.  He may be the better kicker, but anytime you don't practice or play for almost a month, and you are at a position where the team keeps one player, I'd say you don't have a good shot at making the team.

I'd say we have a fairly good idea as to who makes the team at this point.  We don't really have any overpriced vets, our two deep roster is pretty much set. 

So let's hear what you think, comment away.